Joan Stamp

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Creativity has always been very satisfying to Joan. Over the years she has worked and experimented with various mediums of arts and crafts, including pottery, quilting, cross-stitch, watercolor, and oil painting. She has also taught needlepoint and jewelry making. Beading allowed her to explore an interest in fashion and accessories and to create one of a kind jewelry for herself. Joan has been beading for about 10 years and, at the encouragement of her interior designer, began her business and selling her designs.

Joan’s work uses high-quality materials including semiprecious stones, pearls, and precious metals gathered throughout her travels across the country and abroad. Mixing textures and colors, as well as natural elements with her own handmade silver beads, she seeks to create fashion forward pieces with unexpected details. In many of her pieces she explores asymmetry, which adds a unique and elegant flair to even the simplest design. It gives her great pleasure not only to create the pieces but also to see her customers wearing and enjoying them.

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